Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Sarah Palin

Much has been made of the perception among Republicans that Sarah Palin, the prospective Vice President, is being targeted by the liberal left media because she is a woman. I would argue, to the contrary, that Sarah Palin is targeted by the liberal left media because she is a retrogressive conservative who thinks the role of the state should extend to the bedroom. I think that the vituperation from the liberal left would have been equally intense had McCain chosen a similarly retrogressive man.

It is a great shame that John McCain was talked out of selecting a more moderate candidate such as Joe Lieberman. From a strategic stand point, such a choice would seem to be more appropriate given Lieberman's ability to attract disillusioned Hillary Clinton voters. It should be remembered that the Republican party, in the immediate post-Bush era, will have more of a problem mobilising the centre rather than the right. As it is, I am sure that the Hillary supporters who may have considered voting for McCain are now quickly bracing themselves to support Barack Obama.

As a soft supporter of an Obama presidency, I am comfortable with the choice of Palin for the ticket. Although I would like to have been able to say that there were four quality candidates on the combined Democratic Republican tickets, I can now only say that there are three. I am hopeful that this small disappointment will only enhance the chances for Obama's success come November.

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